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Introducing Scrappage

We believe that performance and safety should not depend on the weather, and we’re so confident our all season Quatrac range offers improved safety and grip, that we’ll help you make the upgrade to all season by paying you scrappage for the tyres you trade in.

How much can you claim back?


Visit us at Dexel Lincoln and equip your car with 2 to 4 Quatrac 5 or Quatrac Pro tyres and you’ll receive scrappage for each tyre you replace.

The Quatrac range has one of the widest choice in tyre sizes – so we’re sure you’ll find the right fit for you.


Ready to make the upgrade?
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Why Upgrade?

Superb wet road handling – even at high speeds.

Increased water evacuation from the tread pattern.


Great safety – even when winter surprises you.

Highly equal pressure distribution.

Tailor-made for SUVs and powerful cars.

Wider centre ribs for optimal steering sensitivity and controllability.

Short braking distance with optimal grip.

Sophisticated compound with high silica and resin content.



The uniquely designed Quatrac Pro

The tread design of the Quatrac Pro is characteristically all season. With a distinctive winter and distinctive summer side, performance is optimised throughout the year.


Don’t just take our word for it. Choose award-winning tyres



The Quatrac Pro has recently been rated Exemplary after coming 2nd in Autobild’s 2019 All Season Tyre Test. The test compared 31 tyres (using the 225/45 R17 tyre, one of the best-selling tyre sizes for the compact and mid-size) across 16 different trials. The exceptional wet braking performance of the Quatrac Pro was up to 15 metres better than the competitors.

The Quatrac 5 came 1st in the 2019 Auto Bild All Season SUV Tyre Test – described as: “An excellent all season tyre with great performance in all weather conditions. Good balance and precise steering, short wet and snow braking, well priced.”

Tyres capable of performing all year round

"As the undisputed expert in the all-season tyre segment, Vredestein is well placed to encourage consumers to ‘upgrade’ their current tyres to a set of Quatracs; in fact in many sizes, ours is the only brand offering an all-season option,” says Karl Naylor, Apollo Vredestein UK Country Manager. “At this time of the year, many drivers will start to notice a reduction in performance of their tyres due to the wetter and colder conditions, so in terms of safety this is the time to consider upgrading to a tyre capable of performing now, during the winter and even when the weather improves again after winter, into spring and summer.”


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